BBO Honda CB75ß Four

FRED FLITZEFUSS, Münchberg, Germany

This one Honda chopper has been in my father’s imagination since the 80s. Last year we teamed up to build this for the German Custombikeshow’s biker build off. Pretty much everything was built just for this bike, at least heavily modified. Engine is stock, wanting that 70s characteristic inline-4 sound. CHOPPERS FOUREVER Intrepreting typical chopper and custombike features such as a long fork, horse shoe oil bag, boxed aluminum swing arm, car rear tire or fish tail exhausts. Specs: 736ccm OEM Honda CB 750 Four engine, 5-gear Dyna S ignition Gas tank: steel, one-off hand made from scratch Oil tank: steel, one-off hand made from scratch, my personal interpretation of a well fitting but classic looking horse shoe Rear fender: steel, one-off hand made from scratch, a mixture of ducktail, drag-style and adding flow to the bike’s line Frame: based on HD swing arm modified to get that heavy block in between Fork: Tolle 20″ over + CPO triple trees (made in the late 80s) heavily modified Swing arm: SSCycle/WiWo aluminum, excentric chain tensioner Shocks: Hyperpro Brakes: f. Kawasaki Duplex; r. SSCycle sprocket brake Custom bent exhaust with classic fish tails Custom bent handlebar, internal throttle and clutch (left side twist grip), one-off smooth silicone grips Flames & Scallops paint job by Chiko Street legal in Germany!