FRED FLITZEFUSS, Münchberg, Germany

The very first bike I built, started almost 10 years ago. Since I finished it I try to go to Norrtälje. This year I was sure I will make it…but things obviously changed.. next time, I promise! Rigid frame, extremly modified panhead engine – intake on the left side for Weber IDF carb, 98 cubic inchs big bore and every piece hand made. Except for the gas tank which I wanted to be original. With room for the air cleaner! HD Panhead 1957, rigid wishbone 34° rake FL fork, modified triple tree for the custom made handle bar and mounting 98ci 44 Weber IDF carb, intake on the left STD heads modified Delkron case RSS original Robban’s casted, ribbed rockerbox covers 4 gear ratchet top Front brake: mechanic to hydraulic – twist grip on the left Rear brake: SSCycle sprocket brake Wheels: rear: 5×16″ E-Glide ; front: 2,15×19″ Sportster hand made rear fender modified OEM 3.5 gal gas tank stainless steel exhaust, tig welded when I was an apprentice and had zero welding experience 😀 no paint job, just the cheapest clear coat, actually riding this motorcycle alot for the last couple of years let the metal age