Perfect Twin Project

Paul Funk , Godspeed Motorcycles , The Hague , Netherlands

Finnish motorcycle journalist Sheriff called this bike a ”Sleeper”, a custom car culture term for a high performance vehicle that looks like a stock one, but with a twist. Some of the ”hidden” features of the projectbike are the extremely tuned 1340 engine and the chrome moly custom frame that looks like a stock FXE, but is FXR style rubbermount. The project bike is one of the fastest and most extreme re-engineered 1340 Evo in the world. Engine completely trued and blueprinted, strengthened & customised engine cases, Truett and Osborne flywheels, Ross racing pistons, Nikasil cilinder coating, reworked heads, special conrods, oilpump, valves, rocker rollers, cambearings etc. etc. Tech sheet: Year / Model 2007 Perfect Twin Project Engine Make / Size HD/ PTP 1340 cc Frame Make / Type Chrome Moly FX rubbermount Front End Showa/ Hyperpro/ PTP Rake 30 degree Stretch No stretch Swingarm JMC/ PTP/ Fournales air shocks Transmission Size / Type HD/ Andrews 5 speed kick-start only Wheels Front 17″ ZXR Wheels Rear 17″ ZXR Tires Front Dunlop 120 55 17 Tires Rear Dunlop 180 60 17 Brakes Front Discs Tokico Brakes Rear Discs Tokico/ PTP Painter Spray can/ Powder coat Chroming / Plating Scotch pad & pearlblasting Additional Info Reinforced and redesigned customized crank cases, Engine totally re-engineered (blue printed: every engine part measured, re-aligned, straigtened & machined to fit with the lowest possible tolerances of free play). Engine assembled with 90% fluid gasket material, Special re machined S&S HVHP oil pump with 1.5 :1 ratio pump gear and longer flex free pump drive axle with bearing in custom PTP pump cover. Truett & Osborne flywheels, S&S/ PTP Supreme con rods, restrictor free S&S crankshaft with Jims crank pin and PTP custom con rod/crank pin bearings, Ross racing pistons with twin cam wrist pins, Power Seal Nikasil cylinders. Heads welded in PTP style bathtub combustion chamber & Singh groove, Kibblewhite custom valves (smaller in, bigger out), ported & flowed, PTP cam, Kibblewhite extra strong cylinder studs, Crane needle bearing rocker rollers, Crane time savers, NOS nitrous system, S&S Super E carb with Da Vinci atomizer, pipes: PTP/ Supertrapp, primary: PTP/ Belt Drive LTD. Fuel pump for NOS in primary, ART hydraulic clutchcover, Barnett Scorpion clutch, Kick start only adapter for 5 speed, oil tank: PTP, Gas tank: Super glide/ PTP, Fenders: polyester, Electrical: PTP minimal, One off Fournales shocks, NOS electrics in empty start motor, Saddle: PTP, Goodridge oil cooler en brake/ oil lines, PM controls , many hand made brackets and engine parts. 85% of bike can be disassembled with a set of Allen key and a Bahco. Bike is ridden daily. More info: