Kasper branski, Falköping, Sweden

This bike started out life as a frame repair for my good friend Lars,which naturally turned into a full custom build. Lars showed up with the drive train and one butt ugly softail frame. So I got straight to work on making the frame a bit more appealing to the eye. Once he saw the few parts of it I had done, it was game on. I then took it upon myself to start making, by hand, all of the tins in aluminum, including the gas tank, rear fender, and oil tank. Once most of the parts were roughed in i started the tedious process of making ever single component fit and flow together to bring you this, vision blurring, shiny bare metal, s&s 117 ci evo powered, Jim’s 6 speed gearbox driven, chain slingin, 80 spoked, tire burning, bar hopper, I have conveniently named, TEQUILA! My name is Kasper, my company is Hammer Studios, I’m from the states, sort of… Living in Sweden, And I build stuff! Hope yall like it!